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PDSA Petaid Service 

The PDSA is an animal charity which helps to subsidise the cost of veterinary treatment for people who may be in financial difficulties. Please note that the PDSA scheme has now changed and the is not accepting any new client registrations. Clients who are currently registered on the PDSA Petaid scheme will receive treatment as normal until the expiry of their cover during 2018.

Clients currently registered with the PDSA can then apply to join their new Petcare scheme, which will entitle them to a 20% discount on a range of services and medications in return for a monthly fee – details are available from the PDSA.

Clients in severe financial difficulty should contact their local PDSA hospital.
The Petaid and Petcare schemes are both run by the PDSA and supported by Maes Glas Vets, if you have queries or comments about the changes, you should direct them to the PDSA.

About PDSA Petaid Cover

  • PDSA Petaid service covers the treatment of sickness and injury.
  • PDSA does not cover preventative health care including but not limited to: vaccination, neutering, flea and worm treatment and preventative dental treatment.  Although not covered by PDSA Petaid they are strongly recommended.  These preventative treatments are the responsibility of all pet owners and must be paid for.  The PDSA expects you to attend the practice from which you receive PDSA Petaid service for all of the veterinary health care your pet requires.
  • Please be aware that PDSA Petaid is not available for insured animals.
  • Only one animal can be registered per household.  It is expected that other pets within the household are registered with the practice.
  • Some advanced treatments are beyond the scope of a charitable veterinary service, if you wish to have access to such treatments you should consider taking out an insurance policy for your pet instead of registering through PDSA Petaid.
  • The PDSA Petaid service does not cover the cost of  the following and when provided must be paid for by the client:
  • - House calls and out of hour fees
  • - Case referrals
  • - Laboratory procedures not essential for diagnosis
  • - Preventative veterinary care: vaccinations, neutering of healthy animals, flea and worm treatments
  • - Health checks and pregnancy diagnosis
  • - Costs related to planned matings or, in the case of accidental mating where live offspring are produced which could be sold for profit
  • - Supply of prescription diets
  • - Post mortem examinations
  • - Cremation
  • The veterinary treatment you will receive as a PDSA Petaid client is equivalent to that of an average fee paying client.
  • Your Petaid registration is for a defined period as printed on your certificate.  It is important you re-apply in good time in order to maintain your registration as if lapsed you will be expected to pay for all required veterinary treatment until re-registered.
  • PDSA does not receive any funding from the Government for Petaid services.  It is a charity dependent upon client donations to fund the service.  At every visit we request that you give a donation to PDSA proportionate to the cost of treatment your pet has received.
  • The acceptance of an animal onto the PDSA Petaid scheme is at the practice's discretion.  As such we require all animals to be examined at your expense prior to being accepted onto the scheme.  In some instances the practice may require you to treat existing conditions or where existing conditions are lifelong to fund three months of treatment prior to acceptance onto the Petaid scheme. 
  • You are a client of this practice, not PDSA, this means that we are responsible for the veterinary care of your pet.
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